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Information Management Consulting and Training


COR Concepts provides Information Governance, Records Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consulting and training services.  The company is built on the belief that any Information, Records or Document Management initiative should be designed to extract the maximum business benefit for the organization. 

We bring together Compliance, Risk Management and Operational information requirements in a way that delivers benefits to each one of these diverse business units.  Our approach is to use an array of industry standards and best practice methodologies to ensure that each implementation will stand the test of time.

We see information governance and records management as an integral part of any Enterprise Content Management implementation and focus on building a solid platform including a records management policy, records management procedures, file plans and a solid change management infrastructure.  Building and implementing governance structures is becoming essential for success and we design structures to ensure that all governance aspects are included.




EDRMS and ECM strategy and system implementation
EDRMS and ECM implementation
Strategy to implementation


ISO and SANS best practices

Records Management

Records Management

Records Management consulting & training


Policies, procedures, file plans


Records and archival practices


Hands-on on-site guidance